by Walter Gottschalk
June 15, 2003

This site contains a collection of expository items in mathematics which involve innovative ideas about form and substance and which supplement standard textbook material. The items, called 'packets', are mostly at the level of college/university undergraduate mathematics courses but the modes of organization and exposition apply equally well to mathematics and other subjects at any educational level.

To attain the full effect of what this approach offers, it is necessary to print out a complete packet and to study it in printed form. A printed packet consists of an unbound bundle of sheets, which could be stored in a clear plastic envelope.

The physical organization differs from the customary way. Text and diagrams appear only on one side of the unbound sheets. The movable sheets permit matching and arrangement into various patterns. The net result is intended to be the clarifying/simplifying/unifying of mathematical ideas and facts.

The overall lasting impressions are expected to be gestalts.

(Editor's note: for more detailed description of presentation, please see Packet #8 My Style)

No warranty of infallibility is posited. Caveat lector. Errare humanum est.